Designed by Jonathan Olivares for ShopFloor® — Made by A. Zahner Company.

A New Approach to Furniture

Aluminum Bench offers a new model for user-configured furniture. Buyers are able to design their own bench shape in a 3D environment, and price their seating system in real-time. ShopFloor allows the user to determine the curvature, length and color of the bench for specific architectural contexts.

Control your Design

Working with Olivares, ShopFloor engineers have built an app that allows you to create your own customized bench shape. The Aluminum Bench app can be used to design a bench shape that is specific to your space. This webapp allows users to see the price as they design, which means you can create a seating system within your price range.

Infinite Configurations, in Black or White.

The Aluminum Bench is coated with a UV and scratch resistant powder coating, available in either black or white.

Diagram of the Aluminum Bench rendered as an exploded model.

The Team Behind the Bench.

A Multi-disciplinary Approach

The Aluminum Bench represents the first tool running on ShopFloor created by a design author, and was created as a multi-disciplinary collaboration with Zahner's manufacturing team, as well as with ShopFloor's design engineering team. Watch a panel discussion with the creators: Andrew Manto, Paul Martin, and Jonathan Olivares.

Presented at Volume Gallery, June 15—July 16 2015.

The Aluminum Bench was launched at Volume Gallery in Chicago alongside kiosks installed with the ShopFloor app and a series of drawings by Nathan Antolik, exploring an alphabet of possible shapes for the Aluminum Bench.

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